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House of a bodhi in a leaf-the house to attain enlightenment through tea culture. Lin Qingxuan said, “Tea is between nonexistence and form. So is Zen. Combination of Zen and tea requires one to have a clear mind and a reassuring environment for drinking tea.” House of a bodhi in a leaf is a tea house that practises tea ceremony from Song dynasty. There are 7 private tea rooms (boxes) in it, which provide private communication spaces for those who love tea utensils and tea. There are other open areas for enjoying tea as well. You can find Prajna (highest wisdom) from a cup of tea through different tea experiences in these various tea drinking spacesfrom tea houses to the yard. The meditation hall here can be used for practicing meditation. The way of reality viewing and meditation is a form of enlightenment, but any reality you see is from self perspective. Through practicing meditation, you will know the truth. In your spare time, you can also have an in-depth communication with your friends who love painting and calligraphy in the desk area. Song people pursued elegant artistic taste and exquisite life, you can feel their four elegant activities: “tea tasting, decorative painting, flower arrangement, and incense ceremony” in this tea house.

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