House of a world in a wild flower-a coffee house where you can enjoy coffee, music, and wine. The bar is decorated with natural stone materials and modern metal materials, and this perfect combination breaks through the interior space of the old time. The natural wall texture and fine art glass have a sense of the times. The wall of the wine cabinet and the dazzling glasses will bring you into a state of relaxation instantly. The abstract and simple shape of the bar embodies its novel and bold design, which causes strong visual impact and psychological resonance, and endows it with strong vitality and appeal. Customers can see the various drinks served from the closed linear bar counter, which is not only the stage for bartenders, but also the center of the bar, where people talk, drink and relax. The drinks served in the coffee house are all directly imported from the origin: refined beer, red wine, foreign wine, cocktails, whiskey… There’s everything you desire to drink. The coffee house presents you a different world when pushing to open the door. It’s a small world to relax your mood, release your pressure, and satisfy your deep desire for freedom.

Boao Lecheng Easeheal Wellness Resort



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