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Boao Lecheng Easeheal Wellness Resort


Boao Lecheng Easeheal Wellness Resort is located in Boao Lecheng International Medical Tourism Pilot Zone, on the south bank of Wanquan river, enjoying picturesque scenery and peaceful natural environment, surrounded by green trees and multicolored flowers, which is a "life care resort" for high-net-worth individuals worldwide.

The surroundings of the hotel include Boao Super Hospital, Stem Cell Anti-Aging Hospital, China Stem Cell Hospital, Ciming Boao International Hospital, Spring New Life International Stem Cellular Therapy Clinic, Ruida Health Medicell International Medical Center, Boao Evergrande International Hospital and so on. The hotel is 175 km from Sanya Phoenix International Airport, about 2 hours by car, 110 km from Haikou Meilan International Airport, about 1.5 hours by car, 13 km from Boao Forum for Asia, about 20 minutes’ drive, and 8 km from Boao Airport, about 20 minutes by car, and 6 km from the Boao Railway Station, about 8 minutes by car. The hotel has been taking it as its mission to explore and invent a beautiful lifestyle that combines health, prevention and life quality improvement together. With people oriented as its principle and striving for perfection as its goal, this hotel is an ideal combination of health care and resort landscape, so as to improve lifestyle and promote general health of its clients.


The hotel is equipped with 432 sets of guest rooms to nurture health, with a series of deluxe king-size rooms, suites, and Muslim rooms, from which you can enjoy the picturesque scenery and peaceful natural environment of Wanquan river, surrounded by green trees and multicolored flowers. The room is fully equipped, including multi-function curtains, large bathroom, etc. In addition, our health consultants and exclusive butlers have created clean and comfortable rooms with garden views that integrated with nature, so that guests can get physical, mental and spiritual relaxation and healing in the integration with nature.


Boao Lecheng Easeheal Wellness Resort provides a variety of foods and adheres a mode of perfect combination of delicacy and health, so as to develop a healthy lifestyle. We offer the rich and delicious local and global cuisine prepared with the freshest ingredients, so that you can enjoy a grand banquet. The all-day restaurant provides a wide variety of refreshments, brunch and seafood buffet, as well as five-star chefs are dedicated to prepare delicacies for you. The private rooms of Easeheal Chinese Restaurant provide diners with well-known domestic "Meifu cuisine" and "Shuaifu cuisine", Sichuan and Hunan cuisines and Hainan local cuisines. To customize the seasonal main dishes and tonic, diners here can get an exclusive menu in terms of the change of four seasons. By the way, the hotel has specially prepared an imperial kitchen and a team of professional chefs for Muslim guests, painstakingly created halal healthy food to maintain health.


The pillarless banquet hall and multi-functional conference room, which covers an area of more than 900 m², can accommodate more than 300 guests. Our professional conference and activity team will take care of all details for you to ensure the success of your activities, ranging from corporate activities to social gatherings.




Boao Lecheng Easeheal Wellness Resort



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